The Vanguard Serenaders are a special project created to expand the sound and scope of Michael Gamble's widely admired Rhythm Serenaders. With a beefier front line, the band pushes further toward the big band sound, digging most deeply into the work of various Basie and Ellington band alumni and the small to mid-size groups they created at the peak of their creativity in the late 1940's and early 1950's. If the Rhythm Serenaders classic sextet focus on deft and fleet 1930's arrangements full of levity and flash, the Vanguard Serenaders reach more for heavy, groove-focused arrangements that invite a slow, vigorous head-nod. Real genre aficionados will recognize, in addition to the Basie and Ellington material, close transcriptions of Buster Smith, Cootie Williams, Earl Hines, Roy Eldridge, and even very early Dizzy Gillespie. As with all Gamble's projects, every tune is chosen with a DJ's eye for the dance floor, and a deep love for the swing community which shares his passion for authentic and mind-blowing dance music of the last century.

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With their unique brand of musical Americana and hot jazz revelry, the Boilermaker Jazz Band brings the party to you! Led by Paul Cosentino on clarinet, this acclaimed group interprets the great American song book in their own unique fashion, bringing the swinging sounds of the jazz age back to life. You’ll hear familiar classics and rarities performed by superb instrumentalists and heartfelt vocalists. From concert halls to dances, festival stages to elegant soirees, listeners and dancers agree — with their infectious beat and enthusiasm this band can make any crowd move!


An avid dancer, Natalie loves playing music that is contagious and makes it hard to sit down. She is proud to be a big part of Boston Swing Central: teaching, inspiring and supporting a wonderful family of dancers. Known for her joyful energy and playfulness, Natalie is always adding to her collection of songs, to inspire creativity, musicality, fun and keep the dance floor hoppin'!

Mike H is a regular DJ at Boston Swing Central! There are about 84 years of recorded swing music and DJ Mike H dips into his diverse collection to play a little something for everyone from every era.

Miranda (aka DJ Legs Magoo) became addicted to dancing during her high school days in South Carolina and with DJing soon after. Along with DJing regularly at all three of South Carolina’s swing scenes, she has DJed for several lindy hop and blues events in the state, including Charleston Lindy Exchange, Greenville Lindy Exchange, Holy City Blues Exchange, and Swing Into Spring. Her favorite part about spinning tunes is inspiring people to get on the dance floor.

Kevin loves swing dancing, swing music, and loves listening to the music at all waking hours of the day. He has DJ’ed at local venues around Boston including MIT Lindy Hop Society and Monday Night Practice. Some of his favorite bands include Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and Chick Webb. Kevin’s goal is to keep the energy high and the dancing fun, and he firmly believes in the saying… “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!”

Paul Loschak (known as "DJ Loveschak" at some of the weekly Boston dances) has been dancing lindy and blues since 2009. He made his DJ debut at the MIT Lindy Hop Society in 2011, and he has been working hard to hone his craft ever since. Paul calls on the talents of the best artists from the swing era and authentic swing jazz bands that are currently active today (with current favorites Chick Webb, Andy Kirk, Mezz Mezzrow, and The Boilermaker Jazz Band). Whether it's your first night swinging out or you're a seasoned lindy hopping pro, with Paul in the DJ booth you can expect to find exuberance, playfulness, and expression in your dancing.

Joey Science is a dork for both lindy hop and blues. From 2010-2016, Joey ran 50Fifty, a lindy and blues dance in Chicago, DJing sweet tunes whenever needed. Joey has taken DJ lessons from both Dan Repsch and Rob Moreland and is always looking to learn more about the super rad job of playing music to keep people moving. They love supporting modern swing and blues bands and have an ear out for new albums all of the time.

Andrew Selzer started DJing for weekly dances in the college town of State College, Pennsylvania; but these days he hails from Boston, Massachusetts. With over five years of experience dancing Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, and Balboa all over the globe from Paris, France to New Orleans, Louisiana he brings to the table music true to the swing era that appeals to the international swing dance community.

Tanya got involved with lindy hop and blues as a university student in Montreal, quickly becoming entrenched in the social dance culture and the history of blues and jazz. Her thirst for music led her to start DJing, first on a monthly basis, but quickly exploding into weekly escapades that involved studios, bars, house parties, workshops, exchanges, car rides, outdoors, and late nights. Her electrifying sets have earned her the nickname of “DJ Thunder Teal”. As a social dancer, competitor, and teacher, Tanya tries to stay true to the roots of the dances, and as DJ, she tries to inspire people to discover those roots and authentic jazz and blues movement through the music that she plays. From slow and sultry to fast and fun, from the classic savoy ballroom to the gritty juke joints of Chicago, Tanya brings dancers on a journey at every dance.

There are times he has been seen stalking across the MIT campus, his mutterings circling back and again to rhythm, to structure, to any element he can use to link his obsession back to his shivering
reality. He has heard the world and the smallest bit of what it offers. His search for more, for anything else he was able to gather in his flashbulb glimpse has brought him to lead others. Those who follow him through the murky streets of Boston seek to glean whatever ghostly tones he will drop in his wake like hard candy: enough to keep them near, never enough to satisfy or surpass...